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Warcraft armor penetration

XXX Video Warcraft armor penetration.
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You'll find Matthew Rossi screaming at the moon, caked in his own blood, after plunging into these non-Euclidian mysteries. I've been threatening to write about it for weeks. Thing is, I'm not too sure who I'm threatening, you or me. Armor Penetration has been with us in one form or another for quite a while now. There are Warcraft armor penetration like Sunder Armor and Expose Armor that lower armor temporarily, of course, and the rogue talent Serrated Blades.

My first conscious exposure to Warcraft armor penetration mechanic was the epic weapon Bonereaver's Edgewhich dropped off of Ragnaros. Back then, the mechanic was fairly simple.

I myself never had a Bonereaver's Don't cry for me, I did all right on Rag drops if I do constantly brag so myself and so Armor Pen didn't really impinge on my consciousness. Back when you could tank with an arms or fury spec and dinosaurs ruled Un'Goro. They still do, we just don't go there very often.

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