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How to get good dating profile pics without friends? To be blunt, I have no friends. I also don't really have family.

And I don't have co-workers. I know forever alone.

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I don't want to be one of those guys who just has selfies as his profile pics. I'm aware that the best pictures are taken in social settings, with friends and outdoors having fun. What's a lone guy to do? Selfies in my dim lighted apartment are not appealing, and I can't imagine myself taking a selfie out at the beach or something.

Am I supposed to hire a photographer to take dating profile pictures that will most likely look way too try-hard and professional? Use your phone's timer feature when you're taking a picture. Go out and do something interesting, and time some photos to take of yourself Amateur dating pics men weight loss you're doing it. Ooh to expand on that, take pictures from the same place all in different poses and put them together so it looks like you have friends but all your friends are you.

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The thing I like about tripods is that they take away the need to have another person help me take photos, so I don't have to bother other people and feel like I'm being rushed. Isn't it awkward for you just setting up a tripod in public, getting in a good poss, and taking a pic?

I try to find places where I'm sure that not many people will be and angles where only I will be in the shot. And even when I can't find an empty area, I just try to ignore them and remind myself that those are just strangers who I will probably never see again, and that it doesn't matter what they might think.

Go meet women by asking them to take your picture at a local landmark. Come up with a plausible story like it's for a project, you wanted to get this shot to show your German friend how beautiful insert local landmark is and your photographer friend bailed at the last minute, you need it for an amateur photo editing Amateur dating pics men weight loss it's ok to lie a little bit if it's not hurting anyone and helping yourself.

Use this opportunity to push yourself by talking to strangers, it's ok to ask guys and old people too. You'll get a lot of shots and maybe make some friends; who knows there's probably other people doing the same thing. I realize I'm a little late to the Amateur dating pics men weight loss here but I'm kind of curious, how did you know it would work?

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Yea I was going to add if you're confident enough just use it as a pickup line, online dating is the standard, no reason to be ashamed. I would be to worried about them stealing whatever I hand them to ever try this.

Do you really need an excuse to ask someone to take a picture of you with a landmark? I know selfies are all the rage now, but that used to be normal behaviour just a few years ago. I did this for the exact same reason, I wanted a picture of myself rock climbing so I balanced my phone against my chalk bag and left it recording video the wall I was climbing.

Because of the dog? I wonder what your train of thought was when you chose to switch the cat for a dog. I just made an account with just pics of dogs and a bio for the dog and I've got a fuckload of matches. Plenty of girls want to see what I look like after just talking for a while so it's a road you can go down too. Amateur dating pics men weight loss people simply prefer a socially quiet lifestyle and so they live that.

It sounds to me like this is you. After all, if you preferred the party lifestyle, you'd be living that instead.

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I think the above insight is important, because if you try to match with an extroverted woman, you're likely to learn you're incompatible. So appearing to be a "loner", if you will, is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you appeal to other loners, you may find a genuine fit. Others have pointed out the utility of tripods and cell phone timers. I would also suggest the possibility of using a common laptop computer, most of which have webcams built in. With common software, these will produce still photos, or you can take a video and produce a still image from it. This software often includes timers too. The webcam is convenient because you need no tripod, phone stand, or selfie stick.

The photos that result appear to have been taken by another person. Some on Reddit have claimed that webcam photos are too low in resolution to produce good pics for dating sites. I find that to be untrue, since many of these are small and simple pics.

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My webcam can produce photos of x pixels, more than enough for decent pics. I hired a photographer for 40 bucks and I got a bunch of great photos, I had 2 photos that weren't professionally done, good results.

At the end they generally take photos of people in the group - you get a photo doing something cool with other people plus you might even meet a girl or make friends while doing it.

I would absolutely love to assist guys with taking photos for dating sites, or anything in general.

I would do it for free, too. I feel very strongly about the poor pictures I've seen and know that they can make all the difference! If anyone lives near Portland, OR, let's make a day of it, I would consider it a public service for your future matches!

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Am I supposed to hire a photographer to take dating profile pictures that will most likely look way too try-hard and professional. That will most definitely look way too try-hard and professional!