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Jerry springer midget wrestling

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Alisa liked to walk around town naked and found that she could do it if she air-brushed herself. She came out with a picture of Jery air-brushed on her chest.

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An audience member went backstage to have Steve painted on her Roxy stripped on weekends, but liked to volunteer at old folks homes during the week. She brought SpringerCam along as she stripped for elderly old men.

He pulled off his shirt and revealed fish strapped all over his body Johnnie loves ice and has never had a lover because no one could please him as well as ice. They brought out an ice sculpture of Jerry and he stroked and kissed it He brought out his stuffed Jerry springer midget wrestling and made out with it in front of her. Liz was so upset, that she ripped the stuffed duck into pieces.

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A stripper wrestled with him on the show and hog-tied him. However, he was Jerry springer midget wrestling by Janice, a fellow little person who said he was a disgrace to all midgets Kato owns a business called S.

He helps a woman named Jenny get around town with a harness on his back. Janice from the last story came out and yelled at them. Kato was proud of his business that helps people. He likes to sniff underwear. He even goes to bars and pays people for their underwear! Russ paid women in the audience for their underwear during the show! His wiife came on and said that if he doesn't stop, she will walk away.

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She has a sex fetish that involves humping appliances! Spinger Cam caughter her humping her vacuum and blender in her home. Chrissy told her man, Chris, her secret and he did not approve.

The crew brought out a washing machine and she stripped naked and crawled all over it! Ashlee told James that her fantasy was getting frisky in a dumpster. She took Springer security member, Al, to one of the shows dumpsters for some fun. They went threw the trash and dumped it all over each other! He eats Jerry springer midget wrestling all day and even brings it in bed when he has sex with his girlfriend, Terry. Terry came out with a woman made of SPAM and told him to choose.

Dave went with the SPAM because it was always there for him Tammy did not like the size of her Jerry springer midget wrestling penis. She said Moby's penis was too big and she couldn't handle it during sex because it would hurt her. Moby showed it to the audience in true Springer style Nicola had just retired and moved to a new trailer.

She made it her goal to have sex with all of the men at her trailer park. Nicola was confronted by Michelle who said that she wanted her out of the park.

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Michelle then found out that her husband had sex with Nicola! Lisa was tired of her lazy husband, Rick, so she decided to sleep with her sister, Lori, who is a dwarf.

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Rick thought that the women were disgusting and poured fruit punch all over them as they kissed. Lori told Lisa thta she wanted to end it so she could try to save her marriage with Brandon. Food started flying when Brandon came out and said they were nasty At the end of the show, Jerry let Lori do his "Final Thought. Nick came out waving the Confederate flag and mooned the audience.

Nick called Jerry a low-life and a bastard saying said he'd see Jerry in hell Things got heated after the commercial when Tracy introduced Mick to her new black lover. Him and Nick charged each other on the stage and were held back by security. The black guy said he was going to Jerry springer midget wrestling custody of Nick's kids because he didn't want them to be racist Jerry gave her the mic Jerry springer midget wrestling cards, so she ran around the audience getting questions from the other people.

One guy took his shirt off and ran toward the stage, saying he wanted to kick Nick's ass.