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Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene

Nude 18+ Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene.
from the movie " the...

How about some Bruce Lee? Thrashalla Global Moderator Posts: The Bruce Lee classic!

There, that clears it up, right? Please check back later!

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April 11, Any issues with the RiffTrax main page should be directed to support rifftrax. Johnny Unusual The Efron Posts: Was not expecting a Bruce Lee movie. Vote for your top 50 robots here! BathTub Global Moderator Posts: Might have to download this one from work, getting close to my data cap!

Looks like I have a lot to look forward to when I get a chance to catch up. Funny timing as I hadn't even heard of "No, you shut up" as reference5 in the Fist of Fury sample until yesterday. Johnny Unusual on April 10, I love this movie so the second I saw this on Rifftrax I bought it and it does not disappoint.

"The Chinese Connection" is a...

Kevin does Bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene gold finger joke in the beginning that had me laughing so hard I was crying. Unfortunately there was a definite missed riff opportunity during the notorious Bruce eats a cat straight of the spit scene, MKB kept referring to it as a squirrel but it is actually a cat.

Lemming Howard Big Montana Posts: Never saw a Bruce Lee movie so I see this as an opportunity to watch one but not necessarily on the movie's terms.

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Same as Super Mario Bros. I was surprised we didn't get more about the nipple identification, or "nipplentification". I think he should have checked all the female students for Japanese-ness! Binkles the Dumpster Clown demands a blood sacrifice by the next full moon!

Unbelievable bruce lee chinese connection stripper scene pron pictures

I'm kind of surprised there wasn't more of a "What?! Because that made no sense whatsoever unless I've missed some stereotype about Japanese people.

What scene are you guys talking about?

April 19, Darth Geek The Efron Posts: It looked more like a bandage or brace or something than his underpants. But yeah, that scene made no sense.

Trekker on April 19, As a teenager I was a Bruce Lee fan, and my favorite movie by him was Fist of Fury (originally released as The Chinese Connection in America), which was released in Audiences are reported to have stood up and cheered some of the scenes in the movie. Others were captured and held as sex slaves. Nearly 40 years after the scenes were shot, Bruce Lee enthusiast Philip Kenny has discovered that the sleepy riverbank at Fuk Hing Bridge in.

The Chinese Connection () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more The legendary 'Sick Man Of Asia' scene is amazing and the end of Kill Bill clearly Film maker Lo Wei directed this Bruce Lee classic Fist of Fury immediately after the . all of the Kung Fu action, I also liked the priceless "Geisha-Girl" striptease.

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