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Bassoon bar london

xXx Photo Galleries Bassoon bar london.

Selection of cured meats and artisanal cheeses served with sourdough, fresh apple and celeriac remoulade. Buffalo mozzarella and tomato coeur de boeuf served with grilled courgettes and basil.

Tomato es, taggiasca olives, shaved onions, bonito tuna, egg, beans and new potatoes served with vinaigrette dressing. The size of the eggs in King's Oscietra is comparable to that of the wild Oscietra.

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The colour varies from olive green to golden yellow. Farmed in the estuaries of the Gironde in France with eggs that range in colour from charcoal to golden nut brown.

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Similar in size to the Oscietra, with fantastic texture and a nutty finish. Considered to be the King of Caviar due to its rarity. Beluga has the largest eggs of a steely grey colour, a walnut and cream flavour and a creamy texture.

Served on a brioche bun with triple cooked chips and choice of maple cured bacon, fried hen's egg or butler's secret cheese. Cognac, Basil, Peach, Verjus, Champagne. Refreshing, Crisp, Aromatic, Easy Drinking. Gin, Campari, Rosso Vermouth, Bergamot. Bitter, Aromatic, Citrus, Earl Grey. Gin, Lemon, Mint, Vetiver, Bassoon bar london.

Toasted Coconut Bourbon, Vanilla, Bitters. Tropical, Tiki, Luscious, Passionfruit. Complex, Earthy, Hint of Rose, Strong.

Cognac, Brioche Liqueur, Champagne. Scotch, Chamomile, Rosso Vermouth, Bitters. Campari, Rosso Vermouth, Pine Soda.

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Aromatic, Fruity, Crisp, Hint of Spice. A bit dead on weekdays, with only guests as the customers, but great if you want something quiet and intimate.

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The eves with live jazz are much more animated and lively. The food was excellent. The service was great. The place is beautiful. I will visit again too.

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Bassoon bar was amazing! I felt really comfortable and empressed at the same time.