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Julie and falen hook up bgc

XXX Video Julie and falen hook up bgc.

You guys, it took three months for this to happen. Anything in quotes is from her, and this will kind of read like a half-assed transcript of our conversation. Rima apparently has grown up a little bit. Christina and Andrea, not so much. For the record, Limasse and I have some very different opinions on our favorites. I hope she learned to stand up for herself and to not let someone else fight her fights for her, but I think she was the most genuine in the whole house.

And still sad that she turned out to be so fake. I was really counting on her. When do the reunions take place? And remembering Tanisha and what the BGC used to be. Dudes that got dragged by their girlfriends? Brothers of the cast?

Tanisha thinks Ashley is the most genuine. I wonder how much being on a show like this changes these girls. Was Andrea always this full of herself? Look Julie and falen hook up bgc her audition tape and her first few days compared to now. Although… she is going a little too hard here.

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I just once want to see someone on these reunions and be like, you know what? I just called this. Another reason why Zuly is top of our list. No one has that kind of anger for no reason.

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Same thing happened in one of Julie and falen hook up bgc episodes, the whole house was fighting, but then the random commercial clip of them all playing tag or something.

Talking about how ridiculous everything is. We called each other up to celebrate the beatdown that the Twins got in Vegas was it Vegas? Even Falen just left the scene, as opposed to trying to jump in and stop it the way Julie did when Mehgan attacked her. When did Julie become a declared bisexual? Mehgan coming in with the apologies. Well… three months ago.

I had no idea that...

Not only that, but one of the loudest mouths. Yes, on one hand Tanisha is correct.

What we're talking about

Bringing up Julie talking about Falen being broke. I think Limasse pointed that out awhile back, right? How great was the multiple beatdown Julie got? Especially coming from a place where she always got mocked as a child and a teen?

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Now does she remember how that felt? Then, that means you regret what you did, duh! Tanisha is and always will be the ultimate Bad Girl. One of the few who took her time in the house to actually grow as a person.

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Phrase of the night: Julie has ruined this show for me forever. Then going to Atlanta? I have no problem with former seasons visiting the current season, but do it in a hey, welcome to the BGC Legacy kind of way. Julie and Falen and their unnecessary attack on Natasha.

Is she fucking serious? No, being the loud angry nasty bitch is being a bad girl. In 9 seasons of this show, I have never despised someone as much as Julie.

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She talks about being fat and being picked on, and now no one is a bigger bully than her. I used to like this show. Like the Real World. But now the Real World is just drinking, fighting, and hooking up. Bad Girls Club is now just drinking and fighting.

Old BGC 9 Girls Return,...

This is really pathetic. Also… people talk about how the Bad Girls Club is a game to win. So why throw the first punch? Definite low blow with the fat slut comment. No one says anything original here. What the hell was that little bullshit against the wall?

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She looked like she had to take a piss, or like her tampon was falling out. So, all in all, this was pretty weak. But seriously… apologize to everyone?

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Which actually makes it feel weird. Please give these chicks a job. I think Mehgan looks better when she has no makeup on.

And I'm all the way...

Julie, what the shit was that? You are not ghetto. Also… way to realize that you were part of the boring crew.

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Zuly is reminding me a little bit of Shakira. It entertains me how one side of her mouth moves Julie and falen hook up bgc than the other. Making out with some chick does not make you gay.

Also… I just cracked up at the complete lack of censorship this time. It is completely obvious that Zuly just went down on Falen. Both of them are butt-naked, Falen is spread-eagle, and Zuly is sitting between her legs. Not, to accuse you of acting like a bitch.

That is a simile about your behavior.

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I would probably call you something else, going out to eat in those little-ass shorts. Mehgan and the pink lipstick? You wanna talk about not being a child?

Why are you wearing Barbie makeup? If Mehgan wanted to go and only invited a few people, then… she only needs to invite those few people, you know?

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