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Cuba hook up

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I just returned from Trinidad which I thoroughly enjoyed. While on the Ancon beach one day I was approached by a very lovely young Cuban from nearby Casilda? He was a lifegaurd on the beach and flirted with me until I went swimming with him where he began kissing me.

I almost became a 'sugar...

It was fun - you know - vacation time I was naive, I think, to think he liked me. He asked me for my thermal mug which I Cuba hook up he could have when I left the next day.

So he met me on the beach at 3 pm the next day and again he told me how much he liked me and I gave him my mug. He said it was Valentine's Day and he wanted something for his mother. I gave him a few CUCs I had on me, and then decided to get him a nice dress from my suitcase for her. Although I think he Cuba hook up scamming me, I still enjoyed his company.

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Is this something others have experienced? It was those mischievous sisters who questioned my motives, they rejected my offer to let them join me but jealousy forced them into blackening my good name Cuba hook up reputation in an attempt to dissuade others from meeting me. They have succeeded in their mission and I fear my reputation on these pages has been blackened beyond repair.

This whole thread highlights the pitfalls and scams awaiting the unwary traveller, be it on Ancon beach or elsewhere as the milkman flies in his latest cargo. Even on TA the bikini clad beauties clutching matching Bubba Mugs might be hiding a secret or two. Poor Yvonne, her heart is breaking yet she bravely tells her story to highlight the problem and then expands in further posts. Such a brave girl you are a credit to these TA Cuba hook up.

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You really should come to England. TT and I would happily get you into holiday mood and show you the sights. Cuba hook up for TT his or hers if the surgery was successful wisdom is sadly missed, we look forward to his return. But wait, is there a clue in Post 37 as foretold by Macdon in post The fun thing about this thread is the shared experiences.

Do not feel sorry for me, my heart is not breaking, only opening up.

Next goal is to learn spanish so I can give it back to those boys as well as they give Cuba hook up without acting the wide-eyed empty tourist bottle. Just wait you Spanios I am coming back! And yes with more mugs.

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Rodney, thanks for the invite to England I just may take you up on it someday! And as for TT I wondered how often the pickups were successful since the ones I've experienced are not so subtle and if a guy in any other country tried those lines he would be slapped.

And it's not just young men who try it. The 'most likely to be unsuccessful' man spent some time telling me about the hardships of Cuba as a Cuba hook up guy and a grandfather of 3 and asking for gifts It's never a good idea to talk about your wife and family, highlight our age difference, request gifts, and try to hook up in one conversation.

Then again, I saw a tall and beautiful topless woman stumble drunkenly down the beach from her resort and flirt with the watersports guy.

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Less than two minutes later they disappeared into the boathouse for a half hour. She then staggered back to her resort and he got fist-bumps from the security guards and the rest of the boat guys.

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Cuba hook up guess she was one of those milk bottles. What I don't understand is why they bother with the tourists. Is it really worth risking a job at a resort for a roll with a Cuba hook up white turista who can't dance? Are they jinteros hoping one turista will believe the lines te amooooo mucho and offer them a way out, or are they just bored and we're easy?

I know numerous Cubansin Cuba and in Canada. So to say this fellow was making his moves, well could be he was attracted to you and was trying to start a relationship. But It is best to keep at arms length because of the assumed reasons these fellows or women have to attach themselves to a tourist.

Going back to the friends I have in Cuba, one and only one has a tourist boyfriend and that is a very extended relationship. There is no intention for her to come to Canada. Now I also have numerous friends in Canada from Cuba with long term marriages Cuba hook up a Canadian and living in Canada.

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