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Redhead called cat

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Are you a redhead? Are you one of those special people whose hair ranges from pale strawberry blonde, through fiery red, to light auburn and chestnut?

If you get one of...

However, following the importation of oranges, the color orange was adopted, but too late for redheads! Even if neither of them has red hair themselves, there is still a one in Redhead called cat probability of them producing a lovely little redhead. Red hair appears in all races, even in African and Chinese people. The biggest population of gingers is in Northern Europe, particularly among people of Celtic origin.

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Ginger was first coined in a sporting magazine in and was first used to describe the color of a fighting cockerel, which was an orange-sandy color, much like a ginger cat. Apparently, redheads have bad tempers!

Well, who can blame them? If I were subject to the amount of abuse they have to endure Redhead called cat a daily basis, I might get a bit miffed myself. Also, people have even committed suicide because of bullying.

Well, enough of this doom and gloom! Gingers are lustful, so we hear!

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According to South Park — that show has a lot to answer for — they have no souls! Many redheads were thought to be witches and put to death Redhead called cat burning, and apparently, they morph into the Undead when they die and become vampires. In Corsica, a person has to spit on the road after a redhead has walked past to ward off evil spirits.

Yes, quite possibly, but the...

F iery Re d H ead: Lobster when in the sun: R ed riding hood: F ire F ace: H ot H ead: No definition but descriptive. In the UK, an orange light beside a pedestrian crossing warning people of danger. Dancing, singing, fitness, visual art, music — even speed dating — no doubt leading to the making of more little gingers!

They go all out to welcome international visitors and entrance is free. Sadly, because of the political situation, numbers have to be limited. Pity — it looks like fun!

Also a nickname for a...

Some funny, descriptive, ironic and downright lewd! Can you find any more red hair nicknames?

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To be honest, not only am I a ginger, but I have a full-fire head… and I have to constantly move around. People, why do you have to mock us red-heads?

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It hurts when people insult us! Can you possibly comprehend how much it wounds me when you start calling me names and making fun of me?