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Adult fat camps

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Five years ago, Juli Ackerman never thought shed be able to buy an off-the-rack wedding dress.

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At 5 feet 10 inches, the software-company executive from Newport, Calif. Her weight had always fluctuated, but she decided that she wanted to slim down once and for Adult fat camps. But now, fueled by growing awareness of the health risks of obesity and the popularity of weight-loss shows such as The Biggest Loserthey seem to be on the rise. But do they work?

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Yes, according to Ackerman. After two weeks of swimming and fitness classes, she lost 11 pounds.

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Last year, she was married on the beach; she weighed pounds and was a trim and confident size The weight Adult fat camps may not last, and it may not be worth the cost, which can be as high as several thousand dollars a week. Nicole McLaren, a year-old student from Washington, D.

She lasted just two weeks before throwing in the towel in July That wasnt what she found when she arrived. A Adult fat camps generation of weight-loss resorts [ pagebreak ] A new generation of weight-loss resorts Between andthe number of accredited youth weight-loss camps in the U.

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Similar programs for adults are now widely available. Instead of stressing extreme weight loss in a short period of time, these programs tend to focus on sustainable lifestyle changes.

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Some, such as the nationwide chain of Wellspring Retreats, emphasize outdoor activities such as whitewater rafting, surfing, and mountain climbing, while others, such as Duke Universitys Diet and Fitness Center, feature a clinic-like atmosphere. There's even a Biggest Loser resort in Utah.

While the theme and day-to-day schedule varies at each Adult fat camps, most programs are structured around exercisehealthy mealsand lifestyle education.

At Hilton Head Health, Ackerman ate three restricted-calorie meals a day followed by minute walksand had exercise sessions, nutrition lectures, cooking classes, and behavior modification seminars.

Features such as these dont come cheap.

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Contestants on The Biggest Loser experience dramatic weight loss, but the show has come under fire because its results are sometimes temporary. Do people who attend weight-loss retreats also lose a significant amount of weight, and are they likely to see Adult fat camps similar rebound Adult fat camps The research on residential weight-loss programs is limited, and the results have been mixed.

Other measures of health, such as their cholesterol levels and blood pressure, also tend to improve measurably. Hester says that weight-loss camps are more likely to be effective if they are designed and administered by qualified health and fitness professionals, and if the program teaches people how to adopt healthy behaviors over the long term.

Both are unlikely to be sustained in the long-term and are not relevant for healthy weight maintenance. Gately, PhD, a professor of exercise and obesity at Leeds Metropolitan University Adult fat camps he has conducted research with Hestersays that very few camps have a sufficiently comprehensive approach to weight loss.

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The weight-loss regimens used in clinical research are created using the best available scientific evidence, Gately adds. Is a weight-loss retreat for you? Attending a weight-loss retreat is not a decision to be made lightly.

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Adult fat camps Ackerman says that for her, Hilton Head Health was a good investment of time and money, since she has applied the principles she learned to her everyday life. She now works out twice a week with a personal trainer, practices Pilates, and takes regular walks. Not everyone walks away with such a rosy opinion, however.

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Today, McLaren says, she feels turned off by weight-loss programs altogether. She has considered attending the Biggest Loser resort which is more affordable than the Hilton Head programbut shes worried that it will just be more of the Adult fat camps. Until further research into the effectiveness of these programs is conducted, success stories like Ackermans and disappointments like McLarens should be considered mere anecdotes. Fat Camp for Grown-Ups: By Sarah Klein April 04, Pin FB ellipsis More.

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Visit one of these top, expert-approved weight-loss camps to lose weight on vacation. fat-camp-adults Five years ago, Juli Ackerman never thought shed be able to buy an off-the-rack wedding dress. At 5 feet 10 inches, the.

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